Goodman Fielder Annual Review 2013October 2013

A simple yet effective design, combined with high quality imagery, make the Goodman Fielder Annual Review 2013 a pleasure to read and navigate. Click here to view.

Fuji Xerox Australia: 2013 Sustainability Report September 2013

In previous years, the Fuji Xerox Australia Sustainability Report has been published online, as well as being accompanied by a complete printed report. For the first time, the complete Fuji Xerox Australia Sustainability Report has been moved entirely online.

Built on the Wordpress platform, the 2013 Sustainability Report combines clean design with straightforward navigation. Click here to view.

Certificate Magic 10th April 2012

Branchus Creations has just completed its first release of Certificate Magic — a handy web application that creates downloadable, personalised certificates for free. Users can select a certificate from a range of designs, dynamically personalise and preview the certificate, then download it as a pdf.

Certificate Magic is already receiving hits from all around the world. Click here to view.

Oxford University Press: obooks 1st March 2012

Oxford University Press obooks is a showcase of advanced web development and features a range of interactive educational books available via subscription online. Users can read the books on their computers or tablet devices, bookmark and highlight text, look up word definitions and create notes and comments all within a browser environment.

With over 13,000 active users within the first few months of launch, obooks is proving to be a great success. Click here to view.

AM Foundation: Children365 Calendar 16th November 2011

The Children365 personalised calendar website allows users to purchase a professionally-printed calendar, incorporating their own photos into the design. Users can upload, scale, rotate and crop their photos, without the need for any additional software, other than their web browser of choice.

The interface provides powerful tools, without sacrificing ease of use. Click here to view.

Fuji Xerox Australia: 2011 Sustainability Report 9th September 2011

The Fuji Xerox Australia Sustainability Report has been published online for the last three years and demonstrates a seamless workflow from printed report to web-based publishing. Not only can the user read the report online, they also have the option to ‘build’ a customised downloadable PDF report, by selecting only the topics of interest.

A combination of outstanding design, quality content and a simple but effective user interface make this website both informative and engaging. Click here to view.

Albumworks: Herobooks 15th August 2011

Herobooks allows users to purchase a magnificently printed and bound hardcover book, incorporating their own photos and text into the layout of this sporting event souvenir. Users can upload, scale, rotate and crop their photos, as well as applying a range of styles to their text. This sort of user control questions the conventional understanding of what is achievable in a web-based environment.

This site is not yet available to the general public, but a functional demonstration can be viewed here.

Impose Online 20th February 2011

Impose Online was developed here at Branchus Creations, and provides professional-level print imposition tools online for free. Users can upload a PDF, select the required imposition (based on the print requirements) and Impose Online will output the imposed PDF. To find out more about imposition, see Wikipedia’s entry here.

In just 3 years, Impose Online has imposed more than 1.5 million pages, and has over 3,000 active users. Click here to view.

XMPie: Personalised Pizzas 5th January 2010

Personalised Pizzas was designed to demonstrate the potential applications of XMPie cross-media personalisation software, with the use of fun, stylised animation.

Developed in Adobe Flash, this utilises an image personalisation function developed at Branchus Creations, which allows words to be constructed from small images. This is demonstrated in the pizza topping images on this website. Click here to view.

XMPie: I Wanna be a Superhero 4th September 2007

Although nearly five years old, this website is still a wonderful demonstration of cross-media marketing, combined with a fun, playful and beautifully illustrated interface.

Developed in Adobe Flash and integrated with XMPie software, this website still brings a smile to all visitors. Click here to view.